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6 Trends in Custom Framing & Why We Love Them

Every space deserves a great piece of framed art or family photo. When it comes to displaying those special pieces, custom framing is an investment worth making to preserve, protect and enhance the presentation of your most valuable pieces. And whether that value is sentimental or monetary, the rule of thumb is if it's worth protecting, it's worth custom framing.
5 trends for custom framing.
Custom Framing Design Trends

1. Modern Sleek Designs

Matte black frame with white matting
Silk scarf floated on soft white matting with a modern flat black frame.

Clean lines, flat matte finishes and minimalist designs allow the contents to shine within a custom frame. We're seeing this modern-sleek approach pop up more and more across galleries and personal collections for 2023 and project a continuing uprise in popularity for 2024 and beyond.

What we love about this trend is the look of a sleek finish is never dated. These frames will still look fresh on your wall for years to come and won't go out of style.

2. Eco-Friendly Framing Materials

Eco-friendly framing
Sustainable framing materials

As the world grows more conscious of sustainable materials, more eco-friendly certified mouldings are making their way into the custom framing market. To verify the sustainability of the materials used in a frame, look for the FSC & PEFC logos and eco-friendly labels. These frames come in a large variety of woods and finishes so your selection isn't hampered when choosing a sustainable frame.

What we love about this trend is that the materials come from sustainably managed forests and recycled resources so you can feel good about your purchase.

Splash of color to compliment an art piece
Subtle "window" of color

3. Splash of Color Custom Framing Trends

Color has always had a place in custom framing, but what makes the difference between complimentary vs distraction is how the colors are used in design. Contrast is key here, and what's hit the mainstream market is the use of color in the frame and mat board to accent the colors already present in the art. Shadowboxing and adding color to the inside walls of the frame can create a subtle "window" effect. Other ways to achieve this are colorful inner mat boards with a neutral outer mat, layering, and/or using colors already present in a frames finish.

What we love about this trend is the versatility in frame design. There are so many ways to achieve color, that the end design is something truly custom and unique.

4. Metallic Custom Frame Finishes

Metallic finished frame
Metallic Gold Finish 8x10

Think bronze, gunmetal, pewter, brushed nickel, copper, gold and silver. These reflective finishes have been popular framing choices for decades and there's a reason why this trend continues to rise into 2024. Versatility shines here, with the ability to showcase a frame design in any room without the worry of clashing wood tones or colors.

What we love about this trend the ability to use room lighting to create a reflective glow around framed artwork.

5. Ornate & Decorative Framing

Gallery presentation of assorted decorative framing styles
Museum wall of assorted decorative frames

When trying to elevate and create that unmistakable "grand" effect, nothing quite compares to a beautifully hand-crafted, ornate, old world frame. Adding an instant element of sophistication and elegance to a space, these frame designs have been around for centuries, and for good reason.

What we love about this trend is the true timelessness of an ornate custom frame. When designed properly to fit an art piece, the look can transport you to a different time entirely.

6. Gallery Wall Tiling Design Trends

Display a collection in frames
Modern Gallery Wall

And finally, though technically not a style of framing and more-so a way of displaying, is the gallery frame wall. We've seen everything from card collections, records, tapestries, music posters, scarves, print series, newspaper articles to sports jerseys framed this way and sky is the limit when it comes to what you can display together.

What we love about this framing style is that any collection shown as a display on a wall is better than any display hidden inside the pages of a photo album or inside of a drawer. These types of displays are great conversation starters and act as equal parts collection and equal parts decor. It's a win-win!


Custom framing has changed a lot over the years. From shifts in style, to the quality of wood and materials, to the vary way we buy our frames, navigating the custom framing world in modern times can be confusing. If it's true craftsmanship you seek when framing your valuable paintings, artwork and photographs, it's always best to consult with your local frame shop instead of buying a frame online or taking your prized pieces to a big box store. By supporting your local shops, you help ensure the future of quality custom framing for generations to come.

Posterity Gallery Team
Art Director Sherry Allor (L) & Owner Michelle Boggess (R)

About Us

At Posterity Art & Framing Gallery, we carry over 30 years experience as your trusted local framing shop and offer a large variety of over 2000 frame choices. We promise to provide you with the very best custom framing service that is respectable to your time, needs and budget.

Posterity features a fully equipped wood shop. Our frames are cut and joined in-house, which allows us to create true craftsmanship quality and pass the middle-man savings onto our customers.

The difference is true quality. We only use real wood to build our frames and acid-free materials.

What we frame:

Awards, Certificates & Diplomas • Needlepoint & Fabrics • Sports Memorabilia • Jerseys & Team Shirts • Silk Scarves • Records & Albums • Flags & Medals • Photograph Collages • Pet Memorials • Wedding Invitations • Canvases • Family Photos • Original paintings • Art Prints • Photography • Posters • Mirrors & More!


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