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Roselyn Rhodes - Posterity Gallery
Roselyn Rhodes
Roselyn Rhodes_edited.jpg

Roselyn Rhodes


Wolverine Lake, MI

About the Artist

The impressionistic to abstract quality of her work is loose, spontaneous and full of expressive color.  Her brush strokes evoke an energy that can visually transmit the emotional experience in her paintings.

She is continuing her exploration of oil painting thru classes at the BBAC, various workshops and plein air painting.  Rose has a BFA in Graphic Design and Fine Arts from the University of Michigan, and additional classes from CCS.  She worked as a Graphic Designer and Art Director prior to teaching art.

"My paintings are a tapestry of colors and forms that together create moods I sense, almost more than see. The movement of the water or breezes blowing around and through me – or the motion of the fish just below me. I feel strongly that these “moods” I sense can only be visualized through the process of plein-air painting, then reimagined in the studio through intuition."

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