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Age of Asparagus
Erika Windisch

The Age of Asparagus
(Erika Windisch)

Natural jewelry and recycled material mixed media art

Ferndale, MI

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About the Artist

I have been traveling internationally for the past couple years gathering organic materials, photos and precious memories of nature that inspire me. My mission is to create one-of-a-kind element inspired pieces using 100% sustainable mediums made from recycled/natural/organic/vegan materials. I also like to play with handmade plant pigments and use up-cycled packaging for my earth conscious buyers. Giving you something unique and high quality that shows your respect for this beautiful planet. 

I hope to inspire other creatives to design new and innovative mediums from materials that would otherwise be considered refuse. We all share this earth with the human collective, the animals, the water and the air. All of whom deserve to be respected, valued and considered with every purchase we make as conscious consumers.

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