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Michelle Boggess-Nunley - Posterity Gallery
Michelle Boggess - Posterity Gallery - Grosse Pointe

Michelle Boggess (Nunley)

Artist • Illustrator • Maze Creator

Grosse Pointe Park, MI

About the Artist

Michelle Boggess-Nunley is an international artist, curator, illustrator and maze maker from Detroit, Michigan. She's the current Guinness World Record holder for the Largest Hand-Drawn Maze and specializes in creating some of the world's most complex maze puzzles. Her artwork has been displayed at exhibitions such as Art Revolution Taiwan 2020, A.R.T. Taipei 2022 and ArtExpo NY. She's designed mazes for Atlas Obscura, The Guardian, illustrations for LA comedian Zach Sherwin's 'Crossword Show', and is featured in New York Times bestselling author AJ Jacobs book The Puzzler.


In other maze projects, Michelle created the 18 foot Path to Unity maze mural, which highlights the words Unity and Love in languages from around the globe, and has executed a 12ft interactive maze puzzle, created for ArtPrize 2021 challenging it's solvers to make path choices, passing through world wonders, famous landmarks and historical events along the way. She's the creator of Wizard World Illustrated Mazes book series, as well as several other maze and children's books.

“We all have little quirks that make us unique.  Plant those quirks instead of suppressing them.  Water them.  Let them grow into big, beautiful, weird looking gardens for the world to see.”

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