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Why supporting local art is a great investment

"Stop thinking of buying local art as a good deed or a charitable purchase & start thinking of it as an investment in character..."
Artists unite in the community

Community Reinvestment

The most obvious reason is simply that when you spend dollars in your community, there's a good chance that those dollars will be spent right back into the community. And that's a good thing, especially when your community is made up of small businesses! Think of your community like it's own little economy. When you invest in your economy, you're investing in yourself.

Economy relies on art

Support Economy

Since we're on the topic already, this leads us to the fact that art strengthens economies. Did you know that the National Report—Arts and Cultural Economic Activity show that between 2020 and 2021, the total economic value added by arts and cultural industries grew by 13.7 percent? Adding to this, art attracts tourists, which spurs those benefits to other businesses like restaurants, small business shops, property values, tax resources and the overall profitability for communities.

Community Growth

Community growth through the arts

This might be the most important one of all on this list, though it's also least likely to be thought of when considering a local art purchase. Families in the housing market and businesses planning relocation or expansion are looking at areas that have a healthy culture climate. In fact, the vary strength of an area can be determined by the health of it's downtown areas, which is directly linked to the art displayed on its's city streets. If we're not supporting our local artists, those new families and investing businesses could likely move onto another community that values the culture of their downtown areas more.

Local art show

Local Art Creates Better Stories

When you buy from a local, living artist, chances are you'll be able to actually meet the artist and have some kind of human connection to correlate with the beautiful piece of art you just purchased. An artist can only create so many pieces of art in their lifetime. Whether that artist makes one piece a day, one piece a month, or one piece a year, that's still much less than what can be pumped out of a big box store. What's more, is that every piece you're buying is one-of-a-kind. The value of that alone is unmatched. When you buy a piece of art, you're buying an original story.

Art exhibition

Investment in Character

Stop thinking of buying local art as a "good deed" or "charitable purchase" and start thinking of it as an investment in character. It's true, people will find you much more interesting if you have art in your home or place of business. Bonus if you can retell the stories behind them or name the artists' who created them.

Art purchase

Recognize Why You're Buying Art

While it's nice to think of the painting on your wall or sculpture on your table as a valuable asset in your portfolio, it's also important to recognize that art rarely sells for what we want it to, unless of course you've discovered a Picasso in your attic. The better way to look at an art purchase is to look at the artist you're buying from and why you like the art to begin with. If you like something about their work, there's a good chance other people do, too.

Let's dive a little deeper into this last category.

There are two main art markets, which are made up of emerging artists and established artists. Established artists sell their work for a higher price tag and often in volatile market settings. The rise and fall of an artist and future purchasing trends are as predictable as the housing market. Emerging artists can be mid-career artists or artists just starting out at galleries and art shows. It's hard to say where an artist's career will go in these circumstances, but if you suddenly find yourself drawn to an artwork you've stumbled upon at a local gallery, that's probably a good sign that they're off to a good start.

In a nutshell, supporting local art is a great investment for many reasons that impact your community in many positive ways.


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