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5 Custom Frame Designs You Need To Try Today

5 custom framing designs you need to try

When a customer makes their way over to our framing tables, often times there's already a notion of what they want an artwork or photograph framed in. Maybe it's the color of the frame, a particular style, or a preexisting decor design they're trying to match in a space.

And just like a great design, some pieces are meant to be accent pieces while others are meant to be masterpieces. This article is for the latter, or anyone who wants to try something new with their framing designs. If you dare step outside the box with us, we'll happily take you on a visual journey through design, color theory, character and the endless possibilities s of a truly unique, showcased masterpiece.

Today we're going to introduce you to some exceptionally unique custom framing designs that will make the statement your walls are begging for. In this article, we'll delve into some of the industries most unique custom picture frame designs that you need to try to take your space to the next level.

1. Texture, Texture, Texture!

Custom Framing with Texture

Color is often the first thing a customer asks for specifically when choosing a custom frame. But there's another area of a frame design that is often neglected -- texture! In order to take the viewer on a visual journey, you need to activate multiple senses. You want them to feel what they're looking at. If it's an ocean print, you want them to feel the sand between their toes. If it's a painting of a rustic cabin, you want your guests to think they can almost smell the cedar from the layered wood. Texture is a very powerful component to great frame design.

How to achieve:

If you're framing a work on paper or a photograph, reach for matting that has a texture or pattern that compliments the piece. Think linens, satins and metallics. Alternatively, if you're framing a canvas or opt for smooth matting, you can incorporate texture to the wood of the frame. Gunmetal or metallic finishes can create an interesting encompassment. Aged woods, rough or stone finished edges, layered woods and patterns or even marbled finishes can all add a degree of depth a flat or modern frame design can't offer.

2. Try Designing in Layers

Custom Frame Layers

Framing can be much more than just a border of wood around an artwork. While some pieces require a simple assembly, some of those really special pieces might call for the entire design package. Ask your framer about the different layering design options to compliment your work and have fun stacking two (or three!) different moldings together. Experiment even further by mix-matching fillets with mat boards to create a truly one-of-a-kind visual masterpiece, worthy to be hung on any wall with pride.

3. Try An Acrylic Frame

Prisma Moulding - Try an acrlyic frame
Prisma Moulding

Have you ever met a fully customizable frame that can be designed in any shape, size, color or pattern? Prisma moulding would describe these first of it's kind acrylic frames as part art, and part science, combining engineering ingenuity with a passion for great picture frame design. We'll describe them as beautifully crafted, exquisitely seamless frames that can only be achieved with high grade acrylic materials.

How it works:

Step up to our frame design counter and we'll work together to create the perfect variation of colors and style to compliment your artwork. The best part of all is that you'll be able to see your art framed in various styles, colors and patterns right on our design screens before you pull the trigger on purchasing. You can expect a 4-6 week turn-around for these specialty frames and they're only available at select frame shops (psst... Posterity is one of Prisma's vendors).

4. Preserve Your Precious Items In A Shadow box

Custom shadowboxes

A shadow box frame is a specialized frame designed with depth and dimension to allow a variety of three-dimensional objects to be displayed, protected and preserved. The possibilities are endless, but if you need some inspiration, some popular items we see in the frameworks are items such as sports memorabilia, military medals, baby shoes, wedding memorabilia, scarves, textiles, jewelry, coin collections, trading cards, records, and awards.

A shadowbox display allows those precious items to be out on display, instead of being tucked away in a drawer or storage box. These frames are highly customizable, from frame finishes to matting textures and materials, making them suitable for a wide range of items and occasions.

5. Don't Be Afraid Of The Ornate Frame Wall

Ornate Frames

Some artwork can get around just fine with the economy vehicle, while others demand a luxury ride -- and for the pieces which hold great significance, we dare you to take a step over to the design wall where all of those big, bold and beautifully crafted frames live. And if budget is an issue, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that like all of the other frame walls, these beauties also come in different price ranges.

If what you're framing is a photo or work of art on paper, museum glass is another incredible option to explore in transforming your piece into a perfectly preserved masterpiece.


Michelle Boggess-Nunley
Michelle Boggess-Nunley - Owner of Posterity Gallery

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At Posterity Art & Framing Gallery, we carry over 30 years experience as your trusted professional framing shop and offer a large variety frame choices and styles. We promise to provide you with the very best custom framing service that is respectable to your time, needs and budget. Our frames are cut and joined in-house, which allows us to create true craftsmanship quality and pass the middle-man savings onto our customers. The difference is true quality. We only use real wood to build our frames and acid-free materials to preserve your precious art pieces and items.

What we frame:

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